Regulatory Reforms in Transmission in India: Planning, Access and Pricing : S K Soonee

Abstract: Adequacy of transmission is essential for reliability, resilience and economic operation of a power system. It is an enabler for the functioning of the competitive electricity markets. Robust transmission helps in harnessing the diversity benefits. It could facilitate green energy transition by enhancing system flexibility which is critical for large scale integration of renewable. Thus, development of transmission is vital in the evolution of any power system.

The role of transmission as a strategic asset to leverage multiple advantages is well recognized in India. Over the last few decades, several policy and regulatory interventions have been taken to accelerate augmentation in transmission system and to expand its footprints across geographical boundaries. Separation of carriage and content, encouraging private sector participation to increase competition in the sector, reforms in transmission pricing and innovations,  the administering access to the grid are a few such initiatives which have resulted in a strong, near congestion free and robust all India Grid.

The short talk would try to give a glimpse of the high-level regulatory reforms in transmission planning, access and pricing in India. It would try to emphasize the need for right and timely investment in transmission as the number one solution, as envisioned by philosopher Engineer Dr Fuller, to reduce human suffering, preserve the environment besides creating economic power systems.”

Mr S K  Soonee is the former and Founder CEO of POSOCO , now Grid-India. He has first-hand four decades of experience of Power System Operation of various Regional Grids of India and has worked extensively towards Integration of Grids leading to the formation of the National Grid and now SAARC Grid.

He specializes in Power System Operation, Planning, Commercial, Settlement, Restoration and entire gamut of Power Pooling and Governance. Other areas of interest include Electricity Markets, Open Access, Regulatory affairs besides expertise in Load Despatch Technology, integration of Renewable Energy including REC Mechanism, Transmission Pricing and development of Ancillary Services.

Mr Soonee is a Life Fellow of Institution of Engineers (India), Fellow of IEEE, Distinguished Alumnus IIT Kharagpur, Distinguished Member CIGRE, Fellow INAE, International Member NAE, USA. He has represented India on the CIGRE Study Committee C2 on Power System Operation and the CIGRE Study Committee C5 on Electricity Markets and Regulation.